2013 Events

The following are the meetings and events of 2013.

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Our 2013 Calendar

January 8th Mr. Walter Randa - Leading Edge Deicing Specialists
February 12th Mr. Richard Cady - FAASTeam  -  "Oxygen System Maintenance"
March 13th/14th Maintenance Symposium at CSCC AMT
March 16th District 7 Science Day at CSCC
April 9th Mr. Alan Monk - Duncan Aviation- "Paint and Corrosion Control"
May 15th Mr. Michael Kerrigan  -  Spirit Avionics presentation on "ADS-B and Garmin Products"
September 6th COAGO 2013 at Willow Run Golf Course
October 8th Mr. James Kulp  - GE Business and Commercial Aviation - "The Development of Passport Engine"
November 12th Mr. Cliff Kelling - FAASTeam  - "Preventive Maintenance - What Pilots Can Do"
December 6th 2013 Holiday Dinner - Villa Milano
Guest Speaker - Mr. Mike Kent - USAF Master Sargent Retired
Topic: "Antarctic Air Operations"


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2013 COPAMA Calendar

January - "Deicing Training Overview" by Leading Edge Deicing Specialists

Walter Randa - Leading Edge President

Our January meeting was held in Lane Aviation's Media Room, and featured a presentation on Aircraft Deicing by Mr. Walter Randa, President of Leading Edge Deicing Specialists, a provider of onsite training.

The presentation included slides and video segments that discussed ice related accidents, types of deicing and anti-icing fluids, safety issues and application procedures. Walter was in town to conduct two days of training at the Lane Aviation facility for Corporate Operators and line service personnel.

These training sessions are normally 4 and 8 hour courses that may include actual application of fluids to inflatable aircraft, preventing possible damage to a real aircraft during a training scenario. We'd like to thank Walter for his willingness to give us an overview of his training program and Limited Brands for bringing him in to conduct their training.

Information about Leading Edge may be found at their website which includes updates on their future training opportunities and the addition of on-line training coming later this year.

The evening ended with the drawing of a 50/50 raffle won by Dennis Curtin. We want to thank him for donating his portion of the proceeds back to the COPAMA Scholarship Fund.


February  -  "Oxygen System Maintenance" by Richard Cady - FAASTeam

Rich Cady giving O2 System Maintenace presentation

Our February 12th meeting was held in Lane Aviation's Media Room, and feature a presentation on Oxygen System Maintenance by Richard Cady of Limited Brands and local FAASTeam member. The weather was unusually warm for February but we still had a medium turnout for dinner and the presentation immediately after.

Rich started his presentation with a base review of oxygen and it's natural occurrence as 21% of our atmosphere at sea level. He showed several photos of airliners that had been subjected to oxygen fires that ranges from severe damage and bottle explosions to complete destruction of the airframes with loss of life.

He reminded us that fire needs three things to occur symbolized by a triangle of oxygen, fuel and heat. Take away any one of the three and a fire may be prevented. He then focused on proper maintenance procedures with cleanliness of tools and work area being very important. One of his slides showed a construction worker who had tried to fix an oxygen line leak in a torch regulator and the fire from contaminated hands had caused 3rd degree burns.

With Rich's background with a Boeing Business Jet, he offered two videos, one from Boeing on aircraft oxygen servicing and the other from Southwest Airlines on the proper packing of O2 masks in a Passenger Service Panel.

We want to thank Rich for his topic and for bringing to light the importance of proper Oxygen System operation for the safety of passengers and crewmembers of high flying aircraft and maintenance technicians here on the ground.



Ohio Aviation Maintenance Symposium, March 13th & 14th at CSCC AMT Facility.

CSCC Maintenance Symposium logo

Maintenance Syposium 2013

The 22nd Annual Ohio Aviation Maintenance Symposium took the place of our normal monthly meeting and was held at Columbus State's Aviation Maintenance Facility at Bolton Field. Attendance was slightly down from last year but approximately 415 Aviation Technicians and students received training. The students at CSCC were on spring break that may explain the change in attendance.

This year's vendor count was up with 39 vendor displays and 25 speakers. We want to thank all the vendors that provided items for the door and raffle prizes. This year's Raffle total from both days was $700.00 for the COPAMA Scholarship fund.

Many thanks to everyone who stopped by the COPAMA booth and the volunteers who greeted the attendees. You may have noticed that Shirley Graves was unable to attend this years event due to ankle surgery and a Birthday/Get Well card was signed by visitors to the booth to forward to her. We hope she's feeling well and back on her feet soon. Her husband and our long time friend and member, Ralph was in attendance on the first day and was in charge of delivering the card to her.

We want to acknowledge Inspector Mark Harden, our FAASTeam Program manager for setting up the speaker agenda for the symposium and the FAA inspectors from the Cincinnati and Columbus FSDOs for being an important part of the event.

Inspector Harden also presented Columbus State's Aviation Maintenance Technology with the Gold Award for a 2012 Aviation Maintenance Technicians (AMT) Program. The Gold AMT Awards are given by the FAA for colleges that have 50 percent of employees who earn the AMT Award. See you next year!


COPAMA Takes Part in 2013 District Science Day, March 16th.

District 7 Science Day Logo

District Science Day, Saturday March 16th featured warm spring-like weather as we arrived Columbus State's main campus. This years judges included Gene Sprang, Earl Redmond and Lowell Dowler to review the aviation related projects of the hundreds of student projects there for the district competition.

The three projects chosen for the COPAMA Sponsored Award are....

First Place Award - Andrew Pierce

First Place: Rockets!
Andrew Pierce
Dominion MS
6th Grade

Second Place Award - David Rinehart

Second Place: Rubber Band Powered Helicopters
David Rinehart
Canal Winchester MS
8th Grade

Third Place Award - Jonathan Mager

Third Place: The Effect of the Shape of the Parachute on the Time It Takes to Fall
Jonathan Mager
St. Paul ES
7th Grade

Honorable Mention: Which Fabric Works Best for a Parachute?
Nebraska White
St. Cecilia ES
7th Grade


COPAMA gives 3 monetary awards for $100, $75 and $50 to first, second and third place winners. We're happy to be a part of this competition of Central Ohio students that may be at the start of careers in aviation.

We want to thank all the students we interviewed for competing in this year's District Science Day and encourage them to continue their interest in science and aviation. Click Here for more information about the event.

NASA Education website provides additional resources for all age groups who are interested in Science, Aviation and Space. Just click on the pull down menus at the upper left corner of the page.

During judging at the Science Day we see some confusion on aerodynamic principles such as Bernoulli's Principle and how it applies to lift created by a wing. Click here to go to NASA's page dedicated to the subject and a downloadable wind tunnel application for your own experimentation.


April 9th - Duncan Aviation - Paint and Corrosion Control

Alan Monk Duncan Aviation

Although warm weather prevailed on the day of our meeting, we had a good turnout of technicians for the evening's program. Gene Sprang introduced Jim Schroeder, Development Coordinator for Youth Aviation Adventures who gave an overview of their successful program to introduce youth interested in aviation to the industry. The group started in 1997 with just a few boy scouts working on merit badges and now has groups spread over the United States. Gene presented Jim with a check for $1,000.00 as COPAMA continues their support of YAA and the youth it serves. Their next local event is May 4th at OSU airport.

Next, Alan Monk, Senior Airframe Service Sales Rep from Duncan Aviation gave an informative presentation on "Paint and Corrosion Control". He began with showing the steps prior to the aircraft entering the paint booth, including paint scheme design, color selection and detail list of items to be included in the workscope. He outlined the differences between the process to paint with the old 2 part epoxy paint and the newer high solids products now being used on aircraft.

His slides showed the many steps of the labor intensive process to prepare and paint an aircraft. Those steps include paint removal and corrosion repair before the final steps of priming, painting, striping and returning the aircraft to service including control surface balancing and optional weighing of the aircraft. This final step is critical to some long range aircraft such as the Falcon 7X, where Duncan determined that the paint adds about 152 lbs to the aircraft weight.

Corrosion detection and repair finished out Alan's presentation with examples of various corrosion found on aircraft. The extent of the damage needs to be documented for engineering repair requests from the various manufacturers. We want to thank Alan, Bill Otte and all at Duncan Aviation for their part in our meeting and invite you to click here to visit their website that features a time-laps video of the paint process on a G-5 aircraft.

May - Meeting Moved to Wed Sept 15th at Spirit Avionics - Garmin ADS-B!

Without a committed presentation for our normal meeting night, the COPAMA Board decided to move the meeting to Wednesday the 15th and join the Garmin Avionics "ADS-B" presentation at Spirit Avionics on the south perimeter of Port Columbus airport off 5th Ave. This was an already established FAASTeam event and of interest to our membership. The event started at 7:00 p.m. and ran until about 9:00.

The night included a presentation by Jim Schroeder on Youth Aviation Adventures and their organization that introduces youth to the aviation industry. Proceeds from a raffle held at the end of the meeting went to support YAA.

Darlene Ford, President of EAA Chapter 9 announced a presentation titled "The History of Aviation from Kites to the Space Age." to be held May 22nd at the McConnell Arts Center near downtown Worthington. Tom Crouch, a Senior Curator at the Aeronautics National Air and Space Museum will be the speaker. She also announced the return of the Ford Tri-Motor to OSU Airport for tours and rides July 11th to the 14th. The visiting aircraft is from the Air Zoo in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

Garmin advertisement

Michael Kerrigan of Garmin gave an overview of the ADS-B mandate and the benefits to the general aviation community. He presented the many equipment offerings from Garmin to meet those 2020 mandates and possible upgrade solutions for those who already have their equipment installed. Garmin also has many resources on their website for those looking for information about ADS-B.

We want to thank Spirit Avionics and Garmin for allowing us to attend their event and Adam Van Lente of Spirit who was in charge of registration.

This will conclude our spring meeting agenda with our next scheduled event being the Central Ohio Aviation Golf Outing on September 6th at Willow Run. Sponsor and Player forms are already posted on the COAGO 2013 webpage and there's a flyer you may download to help promote the event.


YAA HangarFest Held August 24th

The Youth Aviation Adventure (YAA) hosted their 4rd annual YAA HangarFest on Saturday, August 24th. Spirit Avionics, Ltd. was the site of the event in their Port Columbus hangar at 4808 E 5th Ave. The fundraiser started at 7:00 pm and included a silent auction to help raise funds for their youth events held in spring and early fall.


September - COAGO 2013 was Big Success!

The Central Ohio Aviation Golf Outing on September 6th at Willow Run was one of the best outings yet. We want to thank everyone from sponsors, players, organizers and Willow Run Staff for helping make is so memorable. Our thanks again to the Professional Pilots Assn and the aviators of Central Ohio!

This year's Sponsors and links to their websites are posted on the COAGO 2013 webpage. Please support them with your business to thank them for their participation in COAGO 2013 and their help in raising contributions to the COPAMA Scholarship Fund.


October -   GE Passport Engine Development and Chili Cook-off!

Jim Kulp of GE Aviation presenting Passport Engine

James Kulp, Marketing Manager, GE Business and Commercial Aviation

Our October 8th meeting was filled with food and an excellent presentation on the development of the GE Passport engine. We started with the Annual Chili Cook-off with 6 entry recipes from mild to flaming with one entry made from turkey and white beans for variety! Sandwiches and all the condiments and many varieties of cornbread finished out the meal.

Gene opened a short business meeting to nominate candidates to fill the three positions that are up for reelection during odd numbered years. Joe Lippert and Chuck Jenkins decided to run again for their board positions and Paul Tursic, our Secretary, has decided to leave the board at the end of his term. We'll have a formal thank you for Paul at the Holiday Dinner for his time and effort in the Secretary role.

Nominations were requested for the opening position and Gene recommended Richard Cady. Rich accepted the nomination and all three will be on the Ballot at the November meeting. The newly elected board members will meet before the Holiday Dinner to elect officers for 2014 which will be announced at that event.

Our guest speaker was James Kulp of Business and General Aviation division of GE Aviation. His presentation on the development of the new Passport Engine to be introduced on Bombardier's newest version 7000 and 8000 Global aircraft, was informative and entertaining.

His presentation was given earlier that day to several Aviation News Outlets like AIN Magazine. It included key engineering features that will make the Passport a fuel efficient, Integrated Power Plant System that will meet the new world regulatory requirement for emissions and Stage 4 noise limitations. GE and it's subcontractors are responsible to the complete powerplant including engine, FADEC, inlet, cowling and thrust reverser.

He explained some of the technology in this powerplant like the Fan and first 5 stages of the compressor are Blisks and the higher stage compressor blades are polished smooth to make them more efficient and keep dirt from adhering to them. The engine uses ceramic composite structures to make it durable and lighter per pound of thrust compared to earlier engine technologies.

Jim's presentation showed the development benchmarks of the engine to date with certification expected in 2015. We want to thank him for driving from GE's Cincinnati facility to be an important part of our first meeting of the fall and the prizes he provided for the raffle.


Veteran's Day 2013

Lima Company Memorial murals on display

The Lima Company Memorial murals on display across the United States

November 11th, Veteran's Day falls on a Monday this year. Our focus in on Lima Company of the Third Battalion, 25th Marines, Fourth Marine Division - 3/25 in military lingo. In 2005, this unit lost 23 members in combat, 10 of which in a single IED attack on their transport vehicle.

In 2010, Mike Strahle, a retired Marine from Lima Company attended our Holiday Dinner and told the story of these marines, the artist, Anita Miller who created the life sized murals that make up the mobile memorial and R + L Carriers that became the memorial's main sponsor.

Please remember these and all the members of our military forces standing guard and their fallen who are stationed around the world to keep us safe.


November - Cliff Kelling - FAASTeam "Preventive Maintenance"

Our November meeting featured a presentation titled "Preventive Maintenance - What Pilots can do." by FAASTeam member, Cliff Kelling. It was posted on the FAASafety.gov website and those attending which included 15 local area pilots earned credit for their Wings and AMT programs.

Cliff began his presentation with a review of his over 50 year career in aviation. With the help of the FAA prepared PowerPoint, he covered the preventive maintenance items and their regulations, which allow pilots to perform certain tasks under specific conditions. The pilot rating and aircraft ownership/operation also define what is allowable by a certified pilot. We want to thank Cliff for his personal stories and experiences related to the subject.

 A short business meeting also took place to elect our board members for 2014 - 2015. Joe Lippert and Chuck Jenkins were reelected and Richard Cady of Limited Brands joined the board to fill the position vacated by Paul Tursic. Paul served 4 years on the board, serving his last two as COPAMA Secretary. We wish to thank Paul for his service and will formally thank him at the Holiday Dinner.

Pizza was the main focus of the meal and tickets to our next event, the Holiday Dinner, December 10th, were available for purchase. Raffle prizes from Aero Battery, Constant Aviation, Beechcraft and others were awarded at the end of the meeting. Thank you to all those vendors who supplied those items.

COPAMA Board meets to elect officers, discuss 2014 schedule

The Board met November 22nd at Nationwide to perform election of officers and plan the future of COPAMA in 2014. Officers will be Joe Lippert - President, Jeff Gruber - Vice-President, Earl Redmond - Treasurer and Lowell Dowler - Secretary. We wish to thank Joe Lippert and Nationwide for the use of their facility for this meeting.

The Scholarship Committee submitted a request for $10,100 after completing interviews with the scholarship applicants. The board approved the amount and checks or commitment letters will be presented to the awardees at the Holiday Dinner.

The sponsorship drive for the Holiday Dinner is going well this year. The board approved donating the door prize and 50/50 raffle donations to the Sam Dodge Scholarship which is distributed through the Columbus State Community College Development Foundation.

Board members shared next years changes to The Ohio Aviation Maintenance Symposium which will be a one day event held at the Conference Center on CSCC's main campus. Admission and parking will be free and it will be publicized through the FAA Safety Website. It will include one main hall session and attendees will be on their own for lunch. 

They discussed a possible change of venue for the 2014 Central Ohio Aviation Golf Outing and continue the 2014 Holiday Dinner as in the past. There was a discussion to reduce the 6 regular meetings if presenters can't be found. Joe Lippert and Richard Cady will head up the Topics Committee and try to find resources for future meetings.

The monthly meetings are reliant on the number of attendees we have and sponsors or presenters that we can schedule to fill out next year's calendar. Mark Harden, our FAASTeam Program manager will be supporting us but we still search for vendors with presentations of aviation content to round out the 2014 schedule.

The board discussed the status of PAMA National and determined that we would remain a viable Chapter pending resolution of some current issues. We ask for the continued support and feedback from our membership, vendors and aviation friends.

Please contact us at mail@copama.org with your thoughts, suggestions or input. Together we can continue and improve our programs to promote education and knowledge of Aviation Maintenance here in Central Ohio. 



December - 2013 Holiday Dinner - Mike Kent - "Antarctic Air Operations"

The party is over and the tables have been cleared at the 2013 Holiday Dinner held on Tuesday, December 10th at Villa Milano! Jeff Gruber handled ticket sales and acted as Master of Ceremonies of the dinner which was co-hosted by Professional Pilots Association.

Our entertainment for the evening was presented by Mike Kent, Retired Master Sergeant USAF on his experiences in Antarctic Air Operations. It was both informative and entertaining, filled with information and photos from his experience at the bottom of the planet

We've finished the update of the Holiday Dinner page so please visit it for all the information about the event. Thanks to all who sponsored and attended the dinner!



2013 News and Information


Plastic AMT Certificates required by March 31, 2013

The FAA is under a mandate to replace all paper certificates with plastic certificates. If you do not replace your paper certificate on or before March 31, 2013, you will no longer be able to exercise your privileges!

All certificated Airmen, including mechanics, repairmen, pilots, etc., are required to replace their paper copy with a plastic copy, or they will no longer be able to exercise the privileges of that certificate. The best way to get a new replacement certificate is to follow the instructions at http://www.faa.gov/licenses_certificates/airmen_certification/certificate_replacement/

The replacement cost was $2.00, unless you still have your Social Security Number on your certificate and you ask to have it removed. See more information about the new plastic certificates on our Regulations Page!


Ohio Governor proclaims December GA Appreciation Month

Ohio Gov. John Kasich has declared December 2013 to be General Aviation (GA) Appreciation Month in Ohio, which is widely known as the "Birthplace of Aviation."

This is the third consecutive year Kasich has issued a formal recognition of the vital role of general aviation - including business aviation - in the state. Former Gov. Ted Strickland issued a similar declaration in 2010.

In his proclamation, Kasich recognized the impact of all 98 of Ohio's GA-only airports, which provide 17,352 direct and indirect jobs paying a total of $498 million annually. The total employment impact of all airports in Ohio is 142,800 jobs, with an annual payroll of nearly $3.2 billion.

In total, Ohio's GA airports annually contribute nearly $5.56 billion, or $478 per capita, to the state's economy, while the total aviation impact within the state is $10.5 billion. The governor also noted the "vital role (of GA) in the state's response to emergencies and natural disasters," and praised the industry's contribution to "the continued flow of commerce, tourists and visitors to our state."

Ohio is home to 60 charter flight companies, 131 FAA aircraft repair stations, two fractional aircraft operators and 13 flight schools, which operate 95 aircraft and provide 251 jobs. There are also 124 fixed base operators serving the state's 84 public-use airports. Additionally, Ohio has more than 10,000 GA aircraft and nearly 25,000 pilots.

National Business Aviation Association Midwest Regional Representative Bob Quinn noted that Ohio is considered by many the "Birthplace of Aviation," since Wilbur and Orville Wright grew up in Dayton, Ohio, and conducted the majority of their experiments and flights in a field just south of the city.

To date 49 states have officially recognized the value of GA and business aviation, with all proclamations including at least some of the basic tenets of the No Plane No Gain campaign. Launched in early 2009 by NBAA and the General Aviation Manufacturers Association, the campaign is a joint public awareness initiative to educate Americans about the importance of business aviation to our country and its communities, companies and citizens.

(Source: NBAA Update Issue #13-47, November 25, 2013)  Click here to view the proclamation.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013 was the 110th anniversary of the Wright Brothers First Flight.


Aero Battery Completes 40th Year of Operation

Aero Battery in the early years.

Aero Battery, Inc. was founded in a T Hanger Shop in 1973 by Glenn L. McCauley and his son Steve. Glenn is one of the original founders of the Professional Aviation Maintenance Association (PAMA). He and his oldest son Steve provided professional services and sales of batteries for aircraft of all types.

In 1981, Glenn’s youngest son, Gary joined the company. Glenn and Gary were in charge of sales, servicing airports and seminar circuits, while Steve handled every day in-house operations. Glen has since retired and the two sons carry on the long tradition of battery service and sales to aviation and medical equipment users from their facility at 3442 Church Street in Cincinnati, Ohio.

We at COPAMA wish to congratulate Aero Battery for reaching this milestone in their company's history. We also want to thank them for their continuing support of the aviation community, COPAMA and sponsorship of our Scholarship Fund.

Chuck Paul received Charles Taylor Award, Sept 6th, 2013

Chuck Paul of AirNet receives Charles Taylor Award.

L to R: FAA Inspectors Mark Harden and Jay Wilkins, Chuck Paul and AirNet CEO John Dupuy.

Mr. Chuck Paul of AirNet received the Charles Taylor Award on September 6th for his 50+ year career in aviation maintenance. The award was presented by FAA Inspectors Mark Harden and Jay Wilkins with AirNet Systems CEO Mr. John Dupuy in attendance.

We at COPAMA congratulate Chuck and thank him for his contribution to aviation safety. He joins a long line of  Charles Taylor Award recipients that call Central Ohio their home.


Jerry Peer received Charles Taylor Award, July 25th, 2013

Jerry Peer receives Charles Taylor Award at his home.

On Sunday, July 25th, Jerry Peer, a long time member of the Central Ohio aviation community received the FAA Charles Taylor Award. The ceremony took place at his home with Inspectors Mark Harden and Jay Wilkins representing the FAA. There were 25 attendees, which included family and friends. Mr. Peer was pleasantly surprised and grateful. Many thanks to Matt Drenten, who play a major role in bringing everything together.

COPAMA congratulates Jerry on receiving the award and thanks him for his long time commitment to aviation safety!


Spitfire 944 Short Documentary Video

Watch the look on this old pilot, when he see's himself on film 70 years ago crash landing. If you like WWII history, this is a must see. If you like this, please visit our "On the Web" page for more links to aviation sites! Our thanks to Nelson Brown for sharing this link!

What's on FAA TV?

Did you know that there is a host of aviation videos about safety, trending news items, training, NextGen and administration policy, right at your fingertips at http://www.faa.gov/tv/ ? Links on the main page allow you to share the content via your favorite media platform, or you can download the videos as an MP4 for future use.


AirSatOne announces 2013 Air Time Price Guide on their website

Jo Kremsreiter, President of AirSatOne, has notified us that their 2013 Air-Time Price Guide is now available on their website. We've posted this information for our members and visitors who may need such data for their 2013 budgeting process. Thanks, Jo, for this link submission!


Local A&P sets up Columbus Model Rocketry School.

Pete Bricker, a local Airframe and Powerplant technician, has changed his hobby of model rocketry into a training opportunity for students in Central Ohio. His classes range from beginner rubber-band launched rockets to large Level 1 and Level 2 Certification.

If you or your child have an interest in Model Rocketry as an individual or group event, check out the schools website by clicking on the link above.

Pete works for one of the regional airlines at Port Columbus and is the husband of Donna Bricker who was a long term board member and past treasurer of COPAMA.


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