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COPAMA Scholarship Awards                District Science Day Awards

2023 Student Scholarship Applications

Scholarship applications are being accepted through October 31st and will be reviewed by the Scholarship Committe for submission to the Board at the November Meeting. Please choose the PDF or DOC file below and follow the instructions for completion.

Scholarship App PDF                   Scholarship App DOC



COPAMA Scholarship Fund - $187,084 awarded since 2002

At the end of 2021, the COPAMA Scholarship Fund has distributed $165,534 to support AMT students and various youth groups engaged in aviation related studies. We currently have $21,550 committed but not redeemed due, in part by the COVID Pandemic. With the help our you, the Professional Pilots Association, our Sponsors and Members, we've helped increase aviation safety and understanding of the students of Columbus State Community College's AMT, Missionary Maintenance Services, District Science Day participants,
Youth Aviation Adventures and the Central Ohio Explorers group.

We have also contributed to the Columbus State Foundation - Sam Dodge Endowment Fund and
the Eastland Career Center - Antonio's Aviation Legacy, Inc Fund. (NPO # 4926052 - EIN 92-0695871)


Thank you for your enduring support!



Support the COPAMA Scholarship Fund through PayPal!

Over the years, COPAMA has provided financial support to AMT Students by awarding Scholarship Funds to pay for the written, oral and practical tests required for their A&P certificates. They are tested twice during their two year training and the cost of those tests by PSI and individual Designated Mechanic Examiners (DME) now total $1,075.00.

COVID has had a great impact on the Aviation Maintenace Industry with the shut down of air travel by the major airlines for a period of time, many taking early retirements and leaving the workforce. Now that they are returning to more normal operations, General Aviation techs are leaving to join the airline industry, leaving small aircraft owners searching for mechanics for their repairs and inspections.

We expect new students to seek training in aviation maintenace and fill those entry jobs in General Aviation. We think the requests for scholarship grants will also increase and are ready to provide monitary support to them.

The fund supports aviation in other ways too! We help with aviation educational organizations like Youth Aviation Adventures, a group of squadrons across America that provide training for Scout merit badges and youth interested in aviation. We award testng funds for those ingaged in the A&P Apprentice programs MMS Aviation at Coshoton Airport. They provide another avenue for those wishing to enter service and work on missionary aircraft throughout the world to receivce their FAA certificates.

At the end of 2021, the COPAMA Scholarship Fund has raised $187,084 and distributed $165,534 to support AMT students and our various youth groups engaged in aviation related studies. We currently have $21,550 committed but not redeemed due, in part by the COVID Pandemic. Note that once the scholarship award is granted, they have a set period of time to submit the test payment for reimbursement. We have extended that time due to the difficulties associated with COVID-19.

In December we awarded 9 more candidates $1,000 grants which was the total cost at that time. Unfortunately PSI incresed the cost of each written computer exam $25 in January.

We have a way to contribute to the Scholarship Fund directly using the PayPal donation button below. Individuals and Corporate Sponsors may contribute whatever amount they wish to give. Corporations who give a donation of $100.00 or more will be added to our Corporate Sponsor page with a link to their website. Many corporations help in other ways by funding our Maintenance Symposium and other events and we couldn't raise the funds for this worthwhile cause without them.

Come join us with your contributions to this worthy cause! The full amount of your donations may be tax deductible. Please consult your tax advisor when filling out your annual tax return.


COPAMA Scholarship Fund


Other Scholarship Resources for AMT Students

The FAA has published a list of Scholarships that are available for AMTs and AMT Students. Please follow the link to search out these other resources for Technical Training funding.


These are just some of the recipients of the Testing And Merit Scholarships, over the years.

2006 Awards

COPAMA awards Testing Scholarships for 2006 at January meeting.

2006 Testing Awards

Sixteen students of CSCC's Aviation Maintenance Technology were awarded Testing Scholarships by The Central Ohio Professional Aviation Maintenance Association. The scholarship pays for the students nine FAA Certification Tests (3 written exams, 3 oral examinations, and 3 practical exams) which costs $700. Awardees' were Perry Chappano, Josh Kotalic, Jeremy McMullen, Chris Sherard, James Van Dyke, Mark Zimmerman, Dan Gillespie, Charles Lawrence, Jason Newton, Tim Sholl, Mark Volz, Robert Kesterson, Zach Ludi, Joe Rayburn, Troy Tector, and Sean Wise


2007 Awards

2007 Testing Scholarships awarded at January Meeting.


January 2007 Testing Scholarships

The January 2007 meeting included the presentation of COPAMA Testing Scholarship awards. This year 16 applicants
were awarded a total of $7400.00. We wish them well in the pursuit of their A&P certification and entry into the aviation industry.
The recipients were....Richard Brown, Christopher Holm, Dean Hamel, Bylaw Javan, Nicholas Johnson, Steven Lahr,
Zachary Ludi, Jeremy McMullen, Jeromy Menner, James Sherard, Kevin O'Sullivan, Jeff Stiles, Kristina Triner,
Jim VanDyke, Rhoan Wallace and Joshua Westoven.



2008 Awards

COPAMA Awards Testing and Tuition Scholarships for Spring 2008 at March 19th Meeting.

Maintenance Symposium Dinner Scholarship Presentation.

During the March meeting at JPs Barbeque, the COPAMA Scholarship Fund awarded $7000 in funds to many students from Columbus State Maintenance Technology. Testing Scholarships totaling $3000.00 were awarded to Kyle Beachy, Michael Davies, Dan Gubermath, Ray Hanson and Jonathan Taggart. Tuition Scholarships totaling $4000.00 were awarded to Michael Davies, Jonah McGarvey, Ben Ndiaye, Scott Smith and Jonathan Taggart.

This years awards bring the total to almost $37,000 that have been disbursed through the fund since COPAMA's establishment back in 2002. We want to wish all our scholarship students well in their pursuit of careers in the aviation industry and thank our Scholarship Committee members for their time spent and dedication. They are Paul Gillenwater, Jeff Gruber, Cliff Kelling, Joe Lippert, Lowell Dowler and Chairman Gene Sprang.


2009 Awards

Students receive Scholarship Awards at Maintenance Symposium in March

Tuition Scholarship recipients 2009

COPAMA gave it's Tuition Scholarship awards to 5 applicants. Monetary awards totaling $3700.00 were presented to Andrew Sisinger, Joe Boyer, Ian Frias, Rajah Ishwar and Curtis Cox. They all participated in an interview process with our Scholarship Committee members, geared to give them experience for their job search interviews.

We wish them well as they graduate from Columbus State and pursue jobs in the aviation industry or higher education. Thanks also to the committee members that went through the applications and interview results to decide the ranking of the applicants based on merit, need and future goals in our industry.


2010 Awards

13 Students received Testing Scholarships at the January 2010 meeting.

2010 Testing Scholarships

President Gene Sprang announced the 2010 Testing Scholarship recipients at the first meeting of 2010. The 13 applicants were awarded scholarships for the 2010 year. Pictured above are Marco Balke, Mark Bibbee, James Byington,  Curtis Cox, Charles Jenkins, Ed Erwin and Sean Scott. Recipients not in the photograph were Ryan Cherwein, Ian Frias, Jake Julian, Dan Murphy, Josh Neumann and Sarah Osborne

Total mount given to the testing scholarship was $7,745. Gene also expressed thanks to the members of the Scholarship Committee for their hard work. The members of the Committee are Lowell Dowler, Joe Lippert Paul Gillenwater, and Cliff Kelling.

2011 Awards

9 Testing Scholarships awarded at February Meeting

2011 Testing Scholarships 1  2011 Testing Scholarships 2

Nine Scholarship Award certificates were presented to this years recipients at the February Meeting. Those students in attendance are pictured in the left photo above. They were (L to R)Richard Whiteside, Jeffrey Topp, Nathan Sauer and Chad Mayeran. The right photo shows award recipients Dustin Watson, Eric Rahaman and Chad Houser. Scholarship recipients not pictured are David Antle and Haitam Sheikh. We wish them well in their pursuit of careers in Aviation Maintenance.


2012 Awards

The following applicants were selected to receive testing scholarships from applications received in December 2011. Pictured above are the Testing Award recipients in attendance at the meeting. They are left to right front row: Naamon Person, Brian Kunkle and John Spring. Back row: Shelia Walters, Jim Tipton, Bud D'Amato, Jed Rempel, Preston Cook and Nathan Damaske. We wish them well during testing and entering careers in the aviation industry.


2013 Awards

2013 Award winners at Holiday Dinner


The 2014 Scholarship Awardees were L-R, Lee Kamua, Gene Creighton II, Tyler Bruzda, Ali Sharif,
Robbie Everett, Chris Keeble, Victoria Seeger, Kevin Casper and Guy Orsini.



2014 Awards

2014 Scholarship Fund Awardees in attendance.

The scholarship awardees for 2014 who were in attendance at the Holiday Dinner, were brought forward to receive their scholarship awards and posed for a group photograph. They are L - R, Sean Shorr, Jeff Mayse, Greg Badgley, Jason Harris, Stev Erlenbach, Travis Johnson, Isaiah St. John, John Johnson and Ryan Sawmiller. We wish them well as they finish their training and testing and enter the Aviation Industry!


2015 Awards

2015 Scholarship Recipients

The 2015 Scholarship Awardees were L-R, Stephen Brown, Michael Valentino, Andrew Breier, Jacob Davidson,
Eric Wilson, Kenneth Keith, Mark Gordon, Juan Castillo, Wade Born.
 Not pictured: Charles Chuma, Salih Ibriham, Ryan Mitchell, Jose Ordonez 


2016 Awards

2016 COPAMA Scholarship Recipients

The 2016 Scholarship Awardees were L-R, Pablo Cortes, Matthew Thomas, Jacob Galliher, James Andersen, Gregory Churchill, Megan Kimbler, Wilfredo Ortiz, Stephen McGirr and Byron Bruno. Unable to attend were Nathan Fellrath and Sean Peters.
We congratulate them and wish them well as they finish their studies and start their careers in aviation.



2017 Awards

2017 COPAMA Scholarship Award Recipients


The 2017 Scholarship Awardees were L-R, (L-R) Alexander Krigbaum, Mhamed Igoul, Cohen Fetters, Marvin Neubig Jr,
Alioune Diaw, Cole Bryant, Saryn Mayfield, Ali Abaker, Ryan Goddard and Aaron Lehuta.
Recipients not in attendance are: Michael Andrews, David Hallmon, Thomas Lahman and Nicholas Liberati.



2018 Awards

2018 Scholarship Recipients

The 2018 Scholarship Awardees were L-R, Front row: Ashley Jones, Eric Coots, Justin Topping, Benjamin Butler
 Back Row: Ian Bennett, Alexander Houston, Anthony Digiannantoni, Grant Smith
 Not Pictured: Gustavo Alarcon 


2019 Awards

 2019 CSA recipients

L - R  Andrew Callendar, Pablo Lazu, Antony Sivixay, Justin Nelson and William Rioch


2020 COPAMA Scholarship Award Recipients.

2020 Scholarship Award Recipients

Pictured above are L-R
Yedidah Adusei , Carlos Barajasharo, Mustapha Messouci, Joel Hale and Sam Fetty.
Not Pictured - Daniel Downing and Ibraheem Talib.

The checks for the 2020 Scholarship Awards were distributed at a presentation on Tuesday, February 4th at the CSCC AMT Facility. We wish them well as they finish their A&P studies and prepare to enter the aviation workforce. Their timing is excellent with entry level technicians in high demand to replace retiring Techs throughout the industry.


2022 COPAMA Scholarship Award Recipients.

The following students have been awarded $1000.00 each for the 2022/23 scholarship period. Mustafa, Assaf, Elvis Attah, Marco Cuzzolini, Ryan Fruner, Meagan Merriman, Andrew Ormiston, Jeromy Smyers, Matthew VanOrder and Christopher Williams.

Note that due to COVID restrictions, no scholarships were awarded in 2021. The cost for testing which includes 3 written and Oral Practical Tests are $1075.00.




District 7 Science Day Awards

District Science Day logo

COPAMA participates each year at the District 7 Science Day held on a Saturday in the middle of March. After reviewing the Science Fair Entries from local elementary, middle and high school students that relate to aviation or related technologies, our volunteer judges pick 3 students to receive $100, $75 and $50 for our selected 1st, 2nd and 3rd place awards. Up to two other students received Certificates of Honorable Mention and all recipients are encouraged to continue their study of aviation related sciences. Click on the logo above for more information about the District Science Day. COPAMA is proud to be a part of this program and help encourage the youth of today to be the aviators of tomorrow!

2006 Awards

COPAMA Participates in District Science Day, March 18th, 2006 at C.S.C.C. COPAMA members judged aviation related science projects at the District Science Day and gave out the following awards.

1st Place - Scott Mansfield - 6th Grader from Village Academy "What Airfoil and Angle of Attack Works Best".

2nd Place - Aeron Roach - 7th Grader from Sells Middle School "Winging It".

3rd Place - Nigel Mathias - 6th grader from Clintonville Academy "Finding the Shape with the Least Amount of Drag."

Honorable Mentions:
Ben Murray - 8th grade Hilltonia - "Which Aircraft will fly the farthest"
Team of Rebekah Harrison & Brittany Judhan - 9th Grade Harvest Prep - "How does weight effect a glider".

2007 Awards

2007 1st Place Award 2007 2nd Place Award 2007 3rd Place Award
1st Place Award: Ben Pifher
7th grade, Our Lady of Perpetual Help
"Airfoil Types"
2nd Place Award: Ryan Patton
8th grade, Immaculate Conception
"Electromagnetic Propulsion"
3rd Place Award: Michael Kovalchik
8th grade, Saint Paul's
"3.2.1. Blast Off!"

Honorable Mentions Awards: Patrick Cantwell, 7th Grade, Saint Andrews and Thomas King, 8th grade, Saint Paul's


2008 Awards

2008 1st Place Award 2007 2nd Place Award 2007 3rd Place Award
1st Place Award: Matt Dunn
87th grade, Saint Brigid's
"Wing Design and Flight"
2nd Place Award: Jonas Wahl
7th grade, Our Lady of Perpetual Help
"Do Winglets Help a Plane?"
3rd Place Award: Dillon Stenger
9th grade, Big Walnut
"Which Generates More?"

Honorable Mentions Awards: Brian Vetter, 7th Grade, Saint Andrews and Jeffrey Bell, 9th grade, Columbus East


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