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Our 18th Year of Service to Central Ohio Aviation!

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Safety through knowledge!
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Our Next Event:

2020 Ohio Aviation Maintenance Symposium
March 12, 2020
Columbus State Conference Center,
315 Cleveland Avenue,
Columbus, OH 43215

Current News:

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This is a collection of aviation related videos and web links for your enjoyment.

Recent Events

COPAMA Annual Meeting
November 12, 2019
Columbus State AMT Facility,
5355 Alkire Road,
Columbus, OH 43228

Central Ohio Aviation Golf Outing
Friday September 6th
Willow Run Golf Course
ST Route 310 and 161,
Pataskala, Ohio 43062

2019 Ohio Aviation Maintenance Symposium
March 14th, 2019
Columbus State Conference Center,
315 Cleveland Avenue,
Columbus, OH 43215

Event Information

2020 Ohio Aviation Maintenance Symposium - March 12th

This years Symposium will be held at the Columbus State Conference Center on their downtown campus. Registration is accomplished thru the FAA Safety Team website link above and AMT credit will be given to those in attendance.

For more information, please visit the Columbus State Aviation Maintenance Technology site.



Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Christmas Ornaments

Wishing you a joyous Holiday Season and a Happy 2020 from all of us at COPAMA!

COPAMA Annual Meeting was held NOV 12th

Our Non-Profit 501-C3, Charitable Organizational Status requires the oversight by our seven members of the Board of Directors. Those members serve for a two year term and are elected on an alternating basis during a meeting held each November.

This year, three members terms are ending and up for re-election. They were Joe Lippert, Charles Jenkins and Steve Brown. After receiving no nominations, they have agreed to continue on for the next two years. We want to thank them for their willingness to help steer the COPAMA group.

Time requirements are minimal with an organizational meeting in November and most decisions made through email communications. If you're interested in COPAMA, our Scholarship Fund and fund raising events, please consider becoming a board member next year to help provide guidance to this generous organization.

The annual meeting was held Tuesday November 12th at 6:30 pm, at the Columbus State AMT Facility, 5355 Alkire Road, Columbus, Ohio 43228. We want to thank those extra members who attended the meeting.


Farewell to an Aviation Hallmark - Glenn L. McCauley

A good friend and pioneer of Professional Aviation Maintenance Association (PAMA) has gone on his Flight of Glory. Glenn passed away after a medical struggle on September 22nd, leaving behind the McCauley family, friends and the staff of Aero Battery. Our hearts go out to them as we share their sorrow.

A Celebration of his Life was held Saturday October 26th at the Airmen's Club at Cincinnati Lunken Airport. The hyperlink above will take you to the obituary page where details about his life and the event may be viewed.


2020 COPAMA Scholarship Fund

The application for 2020 AMT Student Awards is now available. Please Click on the header above.


COAGO 2019 Was a Great Event!

COAGO 2018 Banner

This year's Central Ohio Aviation Golf Outing was held Friday September 6th at the Willow Run Golf Course. The day could not be more perfect for the Sponsors and Players who participated!

This year's event entertained 116 golfers and made just over $10K with all proceeds going to the COPAMA Scholarship Fund. It's primary goal is providing help paying for certification testing of new AMTs. Thanks you to all the Sponsors, Players and Volunteers attended and Willow Run Golf Course and their staff for providing the venue!

Please visit the COAGO 2019 Report for Sponsors, Winners and photos from the event!

GlobalJet Services holds Maximizing Dispatchablilty Event!

GlobalJet Services Columbus session

CMH 90th Anniversary Celebration - July 13th 2019

CMH 90th Anniversary Celebration

Find more information about the event at ColumbusHistory.org



2019 Ohio Aviation Maintenance Symposium - March 14th

This years Symposium was held at the Columbus State Conference Center on their downtown campus. Registration was thru the FAA Safety Team website and and AMT credit was made available to those in attendance.

More information is available at the Columbus State Aviation Maintenance Technology site.

22 Vendors signed up and attended, providing information about their products and services. We want to thank them for their participation and list their names below.

Aero Battery Haltec Corporation
Aero Performance Lycoming Engines
Aerospace Services and Products Inc. Pan American Tool Corp
Aviall Poplar Grove Airmotive
Barry Controls - Hutchinson Aerospace Stevens Aerospace and Defense
Champion Aerospace, Inc. Stewart Systems
Cleveland Wheel and Brakes Tdata Corporation
Concorde Battery Corp Tempest
Dallas Airmotive Tritex Corporation
e2b Calibration UTC Aerospace Systems
G&N Aircraft, Inc. Zip-Chem Products

Earl Redmond receives the Charles Taylor Award
at OAMS 2019

Earl Redmond receives CTA from Inspector Mark Harden

Congratulations to Earl Redmond on receiving the Charles Taylor Award at the 2019 Ohio Aviation Maintenance Symposium. FAASTeam Inspector Mark Harden presented the award at the lunch break in the main lecture hall. Earl has been a COPAMA Board member since 2010 and Treasurer for the group since 2012.

CTA at MS2019

Earl Redmond career highlights!



2019 COPAMA Scholarship Award Recipients

 2019 CSA recipients

L - R  Andrew Callendar, Pablo Lazu, Antony Sivixay, Justin Nelson and William Rioch

The COPAMA Scholarship Committee would like to announce this years recipients of the COPAMA Scholarship Awards. We wish them well as they complete their training and testing for their Airframe and Powerplant certificates. Good luck as you enter our aviation industry!


AMT Community Morns the Passing of Terry J. Huff.

Terry J. Huff

Terry J. Huff, a 1983 graduate of CSCC AMT and member of the Central Ohio Aviation Maintenance community passed away on January 20th after a long battle with cancer. Please click on the link above for more information!



COPAMA Board Meeting, November 15th 2018

The Board met at the C.S.C.C. Aviation Maintenance Technology facity at Bolton Field and selected to following officers for 2019.

President - Joe Lippert
Vice President - Charles Jenkins
Treasurer - Earl Redmond
Secretary - Gene Sprang

Board Member Dave Fragale asked to be replaced on the board and Stephen Brown was asked to be nominated, accepted and was elected to serve the final year of Dave's term. Stephen was included in the 2016 Election Ballot and we thank him for his williness to serve on the COPAMA board.

Many thanks to Dave for his time on the COPAMA Board and his many years of service as the COAGO Chairperson.

Scholarship Report

There are 5 applicants for the 2019 COPAMA Scholarships and the board agreed to fund all those requests. There are still a few 2018 and 2017 awards to be paid out as those technicians complete their training and complete their FAA testing.

2019 Maintenance Symposium

The Ohio Aviation Maintenance Symposium (OAMS) will again be held at the Columbus State Community College downtown camps on Thursday, March 14th. Notices will go out for the 23 Vendor Booths during January and the price will  not change from last year ($175.00).

Central Ohio Aviation Golf Outing 2019

Friday September 6th at the Willow Run Golf Course, Rt 161 and 310 near Pataskala, Ohio


COPAMA Board November Meeting Date Change

Dear COPAMA Members and Friends,

There were no volunteers or nominations for Board Member Candidates received by the October 13th deadline. Given that fact, the current Board members with expiring terms have agreed to continue their service.

The November 12th meeting date for election of those four board members has been changed due to scheduling conflicts with one or more of the the group. We now will meet on Thursday, November 15th at 7:00 pm at the Columbus State Aviation Maintenance Facility, 5355 Alkire Road, Columbus, Ohio 43228.

 The evenings agenda will be the following and you are invited to attend.

  • Election of Board Members

  • Selection of Officers for 2019

  • Discussion of 2019 Maintenance Symposium

  • Review of COAGO 2018 and discussion of the 2019 COAGO Event

  • COPAMA Scholarship Fund and 2019 applicants

  • Any other items that are submitted for Board consideration.

FAASTeam "Cordless Drill" presentation  

Inspector Mark Harden and the FAASTeam have sent out this safety notice for the 1st Quarter of 2019 on Cordless Drill operation around aircraft. Please take time to review and be aware of the dangers of operating Cordless Drills and Tools in a flammable and/or explosive environments. 


Call for COPAMA Board Member Candidates!

Dear COPAMA Members and Friends,
As a 501(C)(3) Non-Profit organization, COPAMA is guided by a Board of Directors comprised of 7 people. Governed by our by-laws, we elect 3 directors in odd years and 4 in even years.

This November, 4 members are up for re-election having served their 2 year term starting in December 2016. They are Jeff Gruber, Earl Redmond, Gene Sprang and Lowell Dowler. If you are interested in continuing the mission of COPAMA and care to run for one of the 4 board positions, please let us know so your name can be added to the ballot.

Board members serve for a two year term and take a minimal time commitment. If you like what COPAMA is doing in supporting the AMT students from Central Ohio, please consider running for board member or volunteering at one of our events during the year.

Elections are in November and we will have a special meeting for that process. Nominations will be open until October 13th which is 30 days prior to a November 12th meeting for voting. A meeting notice will go out with candidate names and location details.

Please send an email with questions or comments to mail@copama.org or on the COPAMA Facebook Group.

Thank you,

Your Friends at COPAMA!

COAGO 2018 - Another Great Day of Golf

COAGO 2018 Banner

Last year's Central Ohio Aviation Golf Outing was held Friday September 7th at the Willow Run Golf Course. The rain earlier in the week made for some extra hazards but the weather on game day changed from a foggy morning to a sunny warm afternoon.

The event entertained 120 golfers and made $8,110 with all proceeds going to the COPAMA Scholarship Fund. It's primary goal is providing help paying for certification testing of new AMTs. Thanks to all the Sponsors, Players and Volunteers that participated and Willow Run Golf Course and their staff that provided the venue!

Please click on the link above to visit the COAGO 2018 report page!

By-Laws Changes passed to Rev3
Special Meeting Monday, April 23rd
at CSCC Bolton Field.

The proposed changes to the COPAMA By-Law were passed by a group of members that met on April 23rd. They will now be submitted to the State of Ohio for recording. Thanks to all who attended this important meeting.

Over the past year, the board has been faced with some changes in COPAMAs ways of doing business. The health of the PAMA National organization that we were a Chapter of and declining attendance to our monthly meetings prompted them to suspend the monthly meetings and the Holiday Dinner event and concentrate on the main fundraising function COAGO, the COPAMA Scholarship program and the outreach program, The Ohio Aviation Maintenance Symposium.

Our original organizational structure involved holding monthly meetings with vendors presentations and topics useful for continuing Maintenance Training and IA Renewal credit. This has been surpassed by the vast amounts of information now published on the internet and the ease that vendors have to disseminate information to technicians in the comfort of their own home. Our topics expanded beyond maintenance to encourage attendance.

We publicized a meeting after the April 2017 meeting to discuss the future of COPAMA and 9 people stayed, 1 member, 6 board members and 2 visitors. The board met after that disappointing turnout and decided to suspend the 6 regular monthly meets pending further discussion.

After several meetings, we have made proposed changes to the associations by-laws and present them here on the website and at the 2018 OAMS Event on March 15th. A meeting will be held in April to vote on these changes by those members in attendance.

The proposed changes accomplish two basic functions. They remove the references to the National Organization and its dues structure and eliminates the monthly meetings, creating a way to elect and sustain the Board of Directors.

The files below are the previous Revision 2 marked to show the areas being removed or changed and the new Revision 3 of the COPAMA By-Laws.

Proposed Changes to Rev 2                          COPAMA By-Laws Rev 3

Support the COPAMA Scholarship Fund through PayPal!

Last year, when all the State of Ohio Colleges and Universities changed from quarters to semesters, some AMT Students at Columbus State Community College were left without means of funding for their 2013 summer classes.

With all the financial and tax unknowns that loomed over Washington D.C., we decided to create a special Summer Tuition Fund to help them as much as we could. We'd like to thank Colin Campbell and Jet Charters.com for leading off as our first sponsor of the 2013 Tuition Fund.

Although that situation has past, we still have a way to contribute to the Scholarship Fund directly using the PayPal donation button below. Individuals and Corporate Sponsors may contribute whatever amount they wish to give. Corporations who give a donation of $100.00 or more will be added to our Corporate Sponsor page with a link to their website.

Come join us with your contributions to this worthy cause! The full amount of your donations may be tax deductable. Please consult your tax advisor when filling out your annual tax return.


COPAMA Scholarship Fund


COPAMA is a 501(C)(3) Non-Profit Organization. TIN# 43-2013111.




Our Events

  • The Ohio Aviation Maintenance Symposium is held in March.
  • The Central Ohio Aviation Golf Outing (COAGO) is held in September and is our main fundraising event for the COPAMA Scholarship Fund.
  • November Meeting for election of members to the Board of Directors. Time and place to be announced 30 days prior to meeting date.


Features of the COPAMA website!!!

This site was generated from a latest generation template providing compatibility with the main web browsers of today and mobile devices. It features "Flash" type animation and the ability to detect those devices that cannot render "Flash" and provide an alternate means to display those same graphics.

Menus help you navigate through the site and the left border of the page provides a direct link to our Next Event, Current News and Last Event information. Back ground music is available with the new site and features 12 different tunes that loop. If you don't care to listen, just mute your sound system for an easy solution. Give us some feedback and let us know what you like or dislike! Page width and font size are controllable by you regardless of which browser or mobile device you use.

If you're a fan of Facebook or Twitter, we've set up groups on both social networks. We're hoping it will provide a local forum for members and give us another tool to communicate with the group. The links to both are at the top right of this page. Jeff Gruber has volunteered to be our first administrator of the two forums and if they become popular, we may need the help of our younger members to help monitor them for us.

Let us know what features you like and if you have any problems viewing the site. Welcome to the new COPAMA Website!

COPAMA's Mission:

COPAMA, is a Non-profit Membership Organization designed to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas, concepts and techniques through communication, education, representation and support related to the Aviation industry.



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