2020 Events

The following are the meetings and events of 2020.

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Our 2020 Calendar

October 21st 2020 COPAMA Board Meeting
July Central Ohio Aviation Golf Outing Cancelled Due to COVID Pandemic
March Maintenance Symposium Cancelled Due to COVID Pandemic
February 4th 2020 Scholarship Award Recipients Announced


October 21st, 2020 Board Meeting

The COPAMA Board met at the Nationwide Hangar to discuss current state of operations and future of the Central Ohio Professional Aviation Maintenance Association. With the onset of the COVID-19 Virus Pandemic resulting in the cancellation of the 2020 Ohio Aviation Maintenance Symposium and Central Ohio Aviation Golf Outing, they voted to suspend near term operations and scholarship application for the 2021 school year.

We do not think that the Maintenance Symposium will happen in March 2021 and will not pursue funding for vendor booths at the event. We would like to note that of the funds collected for last year's cancelled event, 15 of the 21 vendors contributed their booth fees as a donation to the COPAMA Scholarship Fund and we thank them for their generosity in these uncertain times and list their names below.

Aero Battery Parker Hannifin Corp
Aerospace Turbine Rotables, Inc Poplar Grove Airmotive
Haltec Corporation Preferred Airparts LLC
Hartzell Engine Technologies Stevens Aerospace and Defense
Lee Aerospace Tdata Corporation
Lycoming Engines Tempest
Omaha Airplane Supply Tritex Corporation
Pan American Tool Corp

Those proceeds totaled $2599.80. These contributions caused the Fund total of $26,795.81 to exceed the State of Ohio NPO limit of $25,000 so board members decided to issue a grant of $2,000.00 to Missionary Maintenance Services of Coshocton for support of their AMT apprenticeship program.

The Scholarship Fund currently has 10 students with awards outstanding over the last two years, waiting for them complete testing! At this point, testing sites are closed down due to COVID preventing them to finish. COPAMA will honor their awards within reason but will not seek applications for new scholarships at this time. The Grant Total including the pending scholarship awards and the grant to MMS is $167,534.00 over the 18 year life of the fund.

Board members and Officers will stay the same for now. We will revisit in spring holding the 2021 COAGO next September. The charter with the State of Ohio expires in April of 2023, so depending on the state of the industry, a final decision to continue COPAMA operations could be made in late 2022.

Please submit your input and questions about the information above to mail@copama.org



2020 info from FSDO GL07

Just received word from our new FAASTeam Program Manager, Paul Gillenwater that included the Current copy July/August of the FAA Safety Bulletin and the Link to the site where copies are archived.

We want to congratulate Paul on his selection to Program Manager and say Thank you to previous PM Mark Harden as he hopefully is enjoying his retirement from the FAA. Those wishing to contact Paul about FAASTeam events and information may email him at Paul.Gillenwater@faa.gov.


Happy and Safe Fourth of July!

4th of July image


2020 COAGO Event in September Cancelled due to COVID 19

A statement from COPAMA President Joe Lippert.

We regret to inform you that considering the current situation surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, we have made the decision to cancel COAGO 2020. This was a difficult decision to make, and we cannot tell you how much your continued support and participation mean to us.

Please stay safe and well as we all navigate a difficult time in America and around the world. Our thoughts will be with all of you as we approach Labor Day week and the usual time that we all get together.

We are wishing the best for you all during this unique time and look forward to seeing you at our golf outing next year.





National AMT Day banner



From PO Box 340494

Columbus State Foundation Thank You

The COPAMA Board voted to transfer some of our scholarship funds to the Columbus State Foundation's Sam Dodge Scholarship Fund. This action helped keep our COPAMA Scholarship Fund under the State of Ohio Non-Profit limit and provide funding for the endowment set up in Sam's name in May 2008

MMS Aviation Ground Crew Newsletter  April 2020

The COPAMA Scholarship Fund has also helped the apprenticeship program at MMS. They keep us updated on their activities and their technician maintaining Missionary Aircraft around the world.


2020 Ohio Aviation Maintenance Symposium - Cancelled

For more information, please visit the FAASTeam website by clicking on the header above.




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